Incubation is both a science and an art. Some incubation fundamentals are based on scientific fact. Maximizing these fundamentals and facts to produce high quality chicks then becomes an art.

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Raising Baby Chicks can be a challenge, if you are not prepared for emergencies. Understanding how Medicated Starter Feed works will help you understand the most devastating and prolific disease of chicks, Coccidiosis.

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The Pitfalls of raising birds to Adulthood are many. Here is a short list of a few of the most common problems that small flock owners encounter.

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Do you know "DOC"

Peter Brown
Peter Brown The Chicken Doctor
Over the past 20+ years Peter Brown has helped literally thousands of poultry enthusiasts with their poultry problems. So much, that he has been nicknamed the "Chicken Doctor" by those he has helped. Everyday more people call seeking his advice for their latest problem.

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