Raising Baby Chicks can be a challenge, if you are not prepared for emergencies. Understanding how Medicated Starter Feed works will help you understand the most devastating and prolific disease of chicks, Coccidiosis.

Undiagnosed Coccidiosis kills more Baby Chicks than any other Poultry Disease. Learn the Symptoms of Coccidiosis and the available Treatment Regimens available to you.

Learn how to Enhance the Chicks Immune System by keeping a Healthy Gut.

Do your interests lie in a more Natural Approach to your birds Health? Then let Doc help you with the use and benefits of Oil of Oregano, Turmeric, Garlic, Black Cumin and Cayenne Pepper.

Should you Vaccinate your birds? If so for what Diseases and what types of Vaccines should you use? Live Vaccines or Killed Vaccines! What are the Risks? What are the costs of Vaccination? Let Doc Guide you through all the Technical Jargon and help you make an informed decision for your flock.